前々作の『鍵』と同じ手法を用いながらも、それよりももっと狭い規模とミニマルな動きへと変化を求めて制作した作品。 本作はヴィデオを使用したが、撮影方法は8mmの時と同じで、CGや特殊な編集技法は一切使用していない。半円を描くカメ ラの動きと、それとは反する窓の外の動きに、鑑賞者の空間はさらにそれらと反する。

(2007/6minutes/video/black and white/sound)

This film was made using the same method as “KAGI”, but I changed the scale and motion of this film into smaller than those of “KAGI”. I used a video to make this film, but the method is the same when I used 8 mm. It means that I have not used the computer graphics or any special methods effect. The camera moves inside a room in a semicircle; on the contrary, the outside view from a window moves differently. As a result, the spatial images of viewers will grow.